Why cant we stop eating these damn sweets!

Do you feel like you’re in a sweet eating avalanche!? You want more and more then when you think “oh” that’s it, I am stopping now, somehow you want one more… just one more, OK last one.. It’s with no end!

The result – Physical discomfort, mental as well, the feeling of guilt and a weakness you struggle to control. The scales at home are just for decoration or lay there with a thick layer of dust on them because you feel scared to stand on them, worried to see the result…

I’ve been in this situation and I know how it feels, every detail.

Actually everything starts much deeper than we think.. Did you think about your parents eating habits and what kind of example you had from early home life? From a very early age we are starting to consume sugars in all kinds of products / kids puree, biscuits, kids yogurt, snacks – the list is endless. The taste for our flavors is starting to form at this early age. After this it is so normal for us to eat sugary foods, then when you have say for example fruit it feels a bit plain like somethings missing.. not delicious enough. This is because your taste buds can’t register enough aroma or flavor, the richness of the sugar is the reason for this. It’s also the same with salt but that’s for another post.

Sugar is everywhere in our drinks our food (sweet or savory) in our sauces.. this food is so well presented and advertised that our brains can’t say NO!

If you bear this in mind next time you buy something unhealthy then half of the battle is won. One other thing I strongly believe is that if you want something just get it, then forget about it after that. Don’t feel weak or bad. The emotional thoughts of food are just as unhealthy for us as the actual food its self. We must remember we can eat anything we fancy, we need to choose the best quality food, we deserve it!

If we look at something as a treat for ourselves it will be a treat in our minds, but if we look at something as junk our thoughts about it are different… We can still eat it and enjoy it ( if it doesn’t cause you health problems) but that’s it, stay on the path of comfort after it and in your mind-set your priorities. What is more important for you.. comfort and balance in general or a few minutes of eating pleasure?…

When consuming sugar a hormone called dopamine is secreted, it’s know as “the hormone of happiness”. This hormone is the main reason we feel satisfied or pleasure when eating something sweet. Unfortunately this hormone wears off shortly after our treat..

So here we are .. with the power of this drug making us look more and more..

I gasped in shock one day when I stumbled upon an article where they had made a test using rats to see which they would prefer.. sugar or cocaine, shockingly it was the sugar they couldn’t get enough off. How powerful and addictive it is I thought. This is the effect of dopamine on our bodies when we are eating sugary products.

Whats happening inside our bodies actually..? A short time after eating sugar the liver starts working hard  transforming sugars in to fat, the pancreas starts to secrete large quantities of the hormone “insulin” to balance the large quantities of sugar in the blood. This can cause a few different illnesses including diabetes and liver disease, to add to this the sugar forms an acidic environment in the body which can lower your PH levels. This is a perfect environment for the formation or development of tumors and cancer cells, it can also form different infections such as “candida“.

Lets repeat, sugar is not just in deserts its in drinks, juices, sauces, bread, bakery products, savory meals, snacks, crisps, processed food…everywhere!

Keeping our PH levels in a normal zone “7+” is not that difficult if we follow a few simple rules:

  • Drink plenty of water. ( great for cleaning toxins and good regulator for your metabolism)
  • Eating fresh RAW fruits and vegetables. ( once cooked your loosing most of the nutritional value and they are transforming from alkaline to acidic).
  • Avoid as much processed food as possible. ( eating clean does not mean eating plain boring flavorless food, it’s just a new way, if you want to you can discover it by yourself)!

It’s good to know the characteristics of your bodies enemies, this is the best way to combat them effectively. Avoiding sugar does not mean stop eating sweet food – completely the opposite. Nature has given us sweet flavors so we can take advantage of this (being thankful!!)  and to use the rich variety of healthy natural sweeteners and enjoy our food with them!

see part 2 for a list of sweeteners!

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