Coconut oil – Great choice of cooking oil or not really…?

Nowadays when its come to food we have some of the best looking to choose from, now more than ever. The technological advancements means they can make the most eye-catching products. But what’s the price for it..?  to high our health!  Processed foods in general, sugar, wheat, (cooking oil)…etc is unhealthy as we know for so many reasons. The main reasons:

Most of the nutrients ( vitamins, minerals, cellulose ) etc are lost. The reason for this is the refined products are produced with special technological processes which lower the nutritional quality. In this post we are focused on cooking oil so… after filtering the already processed mixture, its heated up to 250°C,  this is how we get the best looking product/oil with a low nutritional content.

You might think, OK no problem… I can use cold-pressed unrefined oils, yes, true but there’s not a lot of information on the smoke points of these oils. Most of these oils have a low smoke point. This is happening because the molecules of the cold pressed/virgin oils are not that stable,  In comparison to the sturdy molecules of the processed oils.

So from one side, we have good benefits from the unrefined oils and from the other side the fact that they are with low smoke point. This means oils with a low smoke point release toxic fumes and free radicals. It’s common to use coconut oil as a healthy choice of cooking ingredient, I use to use it as well. But after a little research my opinion changed. This was the main reason for the post, I wanted to share the new information.

After digging deeper:

I’ve managed to put together a table of smoke points for unrefined oils. Hopefully, you can use this guide to which oil to use. Be it for a salad dressing, sauces etc and which on is best for thermal use.

Also, its good to know if you need oil for roasting  180°C plus. The best choice is an oil suitable for 20°C more than you need. if your cooking at 180°C uses an oil good for 200°C smoke point to be sure it works well and keeps the goodies in your food.

One more thing in the table I’ve included Ghee butter, obviously this is not plant-based but I think it deserves to be there because of its pureness and many benefits, it also has the 2nd highest smoke point.


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