Detox blueberry-apple breakfast with cinnamon and ginger

Detox breakfast…. so easy! There is nothing more behind this word “detox” than eating clean, natural food. I’m sharing this lovely breakfast with you, its fruit based, sugar and sweetener free and totally delicious! The sweet tastes are coming naturally from the bananas, apples and blueberries plus an extra sweet aroma from the great spice,…

Raspberries banana and coconut breakfast sugar free oatmeal

Raspberries banana and coconut breakfast, Sugar, oil and butter free. Healthy, natural and clean. Try this colourful delicious beauty. The fresh coconut makes this dish so creamy and adds butteriness to it. It’s a great balance with the sharper flavour of the raspberries, chosen as a perfect antioxidant, the banana for its sweet and tenderness….